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Here are some links to some of the sites that have helped and inspired Two Evil Scientists.

Shameless Self Promotion
The other comics that I either make or am part of.

2ES: Out of Continuity - Updates Randomly, usually around the holidays

2ES: The Lost Chapters - An archive of older comics

Chrono Crossover - Samus Aran, Nack the Weasel, Duo, and the cast of Chrono Trigger.  Nuff said.

Mega Girl - Roll's solo adventures.   Currently on hiatus.

Trailer Park of Authors - It's about a bunch of authors in a trailer park.  Duh.


Sprite Sites
These are some of the places that I find the sprites I use in my comics.

Sprites Inc - Pretty much every official Mega Man sprite is available here.

The Spriters Resource - An amazing assortment of sprites from numerous games.

The Peoples Sprites - Another place for sprites.  Has a great public domain section.

The Shyguy Kingdom - Another place for custom sprites.

The Mystical Forest Zone - An excellent assortment of Sonic sprites, both official and custom.

Background HQ - Backgrounds.  And plenty of them.


My Favorites
Some of the comics that I frequent.

Bob And George - I'm still sorry that it's over...

Alien Loves Predator - An alien and a predator living in New York.  Just read it.

The Book of Biff - Chock full of impractical advice.

Stage Select - A Mega Man comic that doesn't use sprites.  How odd.

Planet Zebeth - Samus and Kraid and their antics on Planet Zebeth.

The Wrong Side of Right - Weird.   But that's what I like about it.

Dueling Analogs - A gaming comic.  I like video games.


Fan Links
If you'd like to see your site here, just let me know.
Fainte Version 1.0 Random Pancakes My Brain Hurts
The Sonic Saga Another Sonic Comic Sonic Heroes 2
Zill and Ziff HFE Chronicles Sprite Life


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