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Amy Rose - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Ashura the Hedgehog - Created by RyanMC
Auto - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Badass - Created by RyanMC
Ballade - Unknown (if you can help me get in touch with the artist, let me know)
Bass - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Beat - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Beedra - Expanded by King Kirby
Big the Cat - Created by DBurraki
Blaze the Cat - Created by RyanMC & Sonow
Blue - Created by RyanMC
Bomb - Created by Toadkarter
Buzz - Created by RyanMC
Cadillac - Created by RyanMC
Chaos - Ripped by Ryu
Charmy Bee - Created by ZinDinTimeYUM
Charyb - Created by RyanMC
Cheese the Chao - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Chocola the Chao - Created by RyanMC
Ciel - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
The Copy Robot - Created by RyanMC
Dr. Mikail Cossack - Created by RyanMC based off of Deccus's Dr. Wily Spritesheet
Cream the Rabbit - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
The Doc Robot - Created by Amgis, NESBoy, AkumaTh and Rua.
The Doppelganger - Created by RyanMC
Eddie - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Enker - Created by Mjkrzak
Espio the Chameleon - Created by ZinDinTimeYUM
Fefnir - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Froggy - Created by DBurraki
Gemerl - Ripped by SupaChao
Professor Gerald Robotnik - Created by Shadow+Maria-Lover
The Gizoid - Ripped by Kewbs
Glitch - Created by RyanMC
The Green Devil - Created by RyanMC
G.U.N. Commander (Past) - Created by RyanMC
G.U.N. Commander (Present) - Created by RyanMC
Harpuia - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Heavy - Created by Kip Lacombe
Hip Hop - Created by RyanMC
Joe - Created by RyanMC
Johnny - Created by RyanMC
Kalinka Cossack - Created By RyanMC based off sheet by Auto, Cecil, and Tengu Maul, plus Roll's sprites
King - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Knuckles the Echidna - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Leviathan - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Dr. Thomas Light - Created by Deccus
Maria Robotnik - Created by Shadow+Maria-Lover
Marine the Racoon - Created by RyanMC
Mega Hedgehog - Created by RyanMC
Mega Man - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
The Metal Devil - Created by RyanMC
Metal Knuckles - Created MechaSonic 2 and Rai Tei
Metal Sonic - Created by Domenico
Mini - Created by RyanMC
Miranda - Created by RyanMC
Mum - Created by RyanMC
Nack the Weasel - Ripped by Knuckles 315, edited by RyanMC
Eggman Nega - Created by RyanMC
Omochao - Created by Toadkarter
E-123 Omega - Created by Gusprint
Omega (Flicky) - Created by RyanMC
The President of the United Federation - Created by RyanMC
Proto Echidna - Created by RyanMC
Proto Man - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Punk - Created by RyanMC
Quint - Created by JDavis, creator of Super Adventure Quint
Rabbot - Created by RyanMC
Red - Ripped by Ragey
Dr. Ivo Robotnik - Created by RyanMC
Roll - MM8 Sprites edited by RyanMC based on sprites created by Kailieann, Malevia, Ran, Tengu Maul, Maneko, Oppollo, Kiruka, and Umiliphus
Rosy - Created by RyanMC
Rouge - Sonic Battle Sprites ripped by Deekman, Sonic Heroes sprites edited by Joe T.E.
Rush - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Samus Aran - Ripped by the Shyguy Kingdom
Scylla - Created by RyanMC
Shadow the Hedgehog - Ripped by SaturnEchidna
Sigma - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Silver the Hedgehog - Created by Silver53
Sonic the Hedgehog - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Tails the Fox - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Tango - Created by Duke
Treble - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Trouble - Created by RyanMC
Turbo - Created by RyanMC
Vanilla the Rabbit - Ripped by Daniel Sydney
Vector the Crocodile - Created by ZinDinTimeYUM
Vile - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Dr. Albert Wily - Created by Deccus
Dr. Weil - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Captain Whisker - Created by RyanMC
Mega Man X - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
The Yellow Devil - Ripped by Sprites Inc.
Zero - Ripped by Sprites Inc.

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