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Sonic X - Pt 65
Posted on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 7:00am

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Posted by RyanMC on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 7:21am
Yeah, another Dragon Ball joke. Of course, the Kamehameha isn't the only special move that uses the same movements as the Hadouken. I know there's Sub-Zero's freeze attack and... Okay that's all I can think of at the moment, but I know there are plenty more out there, I'm just drawing a blank right now...

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Posted by Joe4evr on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 8:02am
I'm pretty sure he can't. Ryan's just good with sprites like that.

Posted by Magestik (Guest) on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 8:16am
X can use Hadouken. There is a bonus capsule in X1 where is hidden this upgrade(AA stage).

And he have familiar move in X8 too(You must have ultimate armor. Well, I know it is a more upercut then psi-ball but he sreems Hadouken :)).

Posted by Shin Kerron on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 12:19pm
Actually he screams Sheruken, or something like that. It's another special move from the Street fighter games that they let X use is all I know, and it's an uppercut. It's not nearly as special as the hadoken was in X1

Posted by Mayumiligaya on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 1:21pm

Posted by protobuster on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 1:46pm
Dragon Ball (Z,GT) was better than Street Fighter anyway.

Posted by Angel85 on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 1:50pm
in X2 i believe the special hidden upgrade capsule is shoriuken, that uppercut move from street fighter than Ken and Ryu can do. In X3 there was a way to unlock Zero's Z-sabre for X by having Zero defeat a certain boss. Thats the last special (non armor) upgrade I know of, but i've only played up to X6 so I don't know what comes after.

Posted by Dark-Chaos on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 6:04pm
X1 = Hadouken
X2 = Shuryuken
X8 = EVERY SHOTOKUN MOVE, when Zero is using his fists... even Akuma's diagonal decending kick. Or just the Shuryuken with X via Ultimate Armour.
X3, Zero has to defeat the moth, but you have to of KILLED Vile before. Not beat, kill. The last hit on him HAS to be with his weakness. X3 also has the Gold Armour, made by collecting all the 'Chips' in one Capsule.
There's little I don't know about Megaman games.
"When is the next Legends game being released?" - ...ok, I don't know that one thing. But soon I hope. It better be soon!

As for the comic, I'm trying to imagine Vile saying that thanks to him having a voice in X8. But all I'm getting is a different voice. Kinda like a Cylon thats got a little too much humanity and enjoys being mean and crule... or just me if I was a Cylon come to think of it. -.-

Posted by Sonow on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 7:59pm
X8 got all that? DAMN. Well I heard X7 suck(s/ed) so I think I might just skip it and check out 8 then, eh? XD

Posted by Comik Radd on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 8:27pm
...Thats pretty damn funny. it has been 5'd.

Posted by Aceofspades53 on Sat Jan 6th 2007 at 11:08pm
it seems the street fighter jokes got old.

Posted by Dark-Chaos on Sun Jan 7th 2007 at 3:22pm
Well in X8 when Zero uses the Knuckle weapon every one of his attacks is replaced with a Shotokun move. Most act simliar to the original move while some change in how they can be used ALOT. Just to top it off even when you go to the weapon list and see the Maverick Weapons Skills he's collected the names change. Of course the downside is far too obvious, 0-RANGE. Meaning you have no garuntee of safety. It's why I like it so much.

Posted by Boss Stevens on Mon Feb 5th 2007 at 1:52pm
I finally have an account! This one made me laugh my ass off! Good thing I tagged this comic so that I can continue later!

Posted by Valron on Sat Dec 1st 2007 at 6:48pm
HAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!! God this comic is funny!!! It would have been even better if it had back fired or something.

Dark-Chaos- What's Shotokun?

Posted by sprite comic fanatic (Guest) on Sun Apr 27th 2008 at 6:10pm
ya a backfire would have been hilarious! on a side note, tagging won't work unless you have an account, i hate that.

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Tue Jan 20th 2009 at 11:23pm
That both sucks AND embarassing. The perfect combo! XD

Posted by Guest on Sun Aug 15th 2010 at 8:08pm
wow even 100 years in the future DBZ is popular :o

Posted by SotiCoto (Guest) on Tue Feb 1st 2011 at 3:43am
Needs moar Zantetsuken.
SNK get no love.

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