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The Ties That Bind - Pt 70
Posted on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:00pm

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Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:03pm
Though being a single mother housewife, she probably didn't know that....

Posted by Prism (Guest) on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:07pm
Whoo! Go Murphy's Law! I can't remember the last time I saw that invoked in a comic!

Posted by Thrack on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:15pm
I want to root for Cream running away with Treble but I can't think of a good reason why. Maybe they can find someone to fix Bass? Maybe Auto... but we don't want Bass to end up looking like an auto-bot.
Go Cream!

Posted by supercomputer276 on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:16pm
You'd think they would've known better by now.

Posted by HiAndrom0n on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:22pm
Just because I haven't said it in a while(END)
My guess is Trebile takes Vanilla to Cream, Vanilla realizes she was wrong, Vanilla and Cream try to get Bass Fixed up, Ceil being the most likely to fix him, and He will meet Blaze when he does get fixed, And I may yet be right about "Bass/Blaze".

Posted by Angel85 on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:44pm
woah...he's got her by the THROAT! I wonder, is this taking place during the fight between Bass and Shadow or after it? Something tells me if Bass were to stop functioning Treble would 'port right to his side, maybe merging with him to act as a kind of back up power supply.

Posted by Bluejay on Tue Mar 2nd 2010 at 11:46pm
Murphy Strikes Again!!
Under no circumstances, even and probably especially if you think things can't get any worse, should you involve Murphy, because after that, things usually get much worse.

Posted by ZeroTornado on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 1:27am
Did anyone notice that since the TES broke up so did everyone else
Sonic and blaze left megaman and zero.
Marine left Ciel.
Shadow Killed Bass.
Rush and Tails have been separated.
Cream and Tango have been separated.
But Knuckles and Proto are still a team.

Posted by Kuragari on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 2:11am
You would think characters would learn never to invoke murphy....

But then what fun would that be?

Ive actually got plans to run the Murphy joke into the ground to the point where my characters just say "It got Worse" xD

Posted by Game Over on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 2:34am

It'd be extreme but... I wonder if Treble just killed Vanilla....Nah...Killing a parent is....Hmmm....

Posted by Blue_Paladin42 (Guest) on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 4:20am
Actually, its Finagle's law :P

Posted by Guest on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 8:02am
Does anyone remember what Murphy actually said anymore? The full quotation is closer too: "When testing a product for safety, we must assume that anything that can go wrong, will." and, "When there is more than one way of doing something, one will lead to a catastrophy, and someone will do it." He was an engineer, not a literary critic.

Posted by Peekay on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 9:23am

Looks like you're a bit off, Guest.

Posted by megasxlr on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 9:40am
its great
this comic is still kicking ass after all this time, and i love it.

Posted by BattleStarX on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 10:37am
To be honest, I'd actually forgotten about Treble after seeing Bass die. Glad he's still in the show.

Posted by Celestial_Wolf on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 11:32am

So Filling! Ahahaha!

Posted by Ethan Qix on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 4:19pm
Ok Vanilla, now you were just asking for it ^^'

Posted by Black Crowe II on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 5:22pm
It's obvious where this is going...Bass...we'll see you in the cyberworld!

Posted by Fire Wheaver on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 8:07pm
Is Bass in Limbo?

Posted by Maowe on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 9:01pm
Damn Murphy's law...
Why or how did murphy find that law?

Vanilla,Your having you worst time ever...
And we now know she's going to lose her mind with cream...

Specially with (chomped by treble)Ahhhh!!! Damn Murphy's law!!!!

Posted by Grey_Wolf_Leader on Wed Mar 3rd 2010 at 10:32pm
Ryan_MC, you should make Murphy into a Super Villain who pulls all of these tricks on the characters every time they invoke the magic phrase: "It can't get any worse than this!" That would be interesting.

Posted by Elda142 on Sat Mar 6th 2010 at 8:25pm
Murphy tested prototype ammunition for the Army. Obviously his views on life were slightly jaded.

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