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Heroes Unlikely - Pt 15
Posted on Tue Feb 22nd 2005 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Tue Aug 22nd 2006 at 8:28pm
I toyed with the idea of changing it from "plan #65-73C" to "order 66." But that wouldn't have worked with the punch line. Besides, I'm not really that big of a Star Wars fan that I was that keen on making the reference. I like the movies, but that's about as far as I take it.

Author Comments:
Posted by Advertisement on Mon May 20th 2019 at 1:15pm

User Comments:
Posted by Mr.Blackbird on Wed Sep 27th 2006 at 7:42pm
Yay a gigantic smoking crater WHOO HOO!!!Party at kevin's place!

Posted by gogirl555 on Mon Apr 14th 2008 at 8:32pm
i was born 66...*eyes grow wide and slaps mouth*

Posted by BattleStarX on Mon Jul 14th 2008 at 10:24pm
Ah, who doesn't love "Plan: Giant Smoking Crater?"

Posted by Angel85 on Tue Sep 2nd 2008 at 1:18am
best plan name ever

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Thu Jan 15th 2009 at 12:08pm

I agree! :D

Posted by Guest on Wed Jan 20th 2010 at 2:28pm
ha,order 666...and i won't slap my own mouth,you religious suckers.what a stupid superstition!

Posted by NekoVira on Mon Apr 16th 2012 at 6:30am
to the ignoramus of a guest
Order 66 was The Emperors order to the clone troops to kill their Jedi Superiors
episode three.
Mentioned in forced Unleashed.
Go home you wannabe blasphemer.

Posted by HyperionEX (Guest) on Mon Nov 28th 2016 at 9:55am
I feel sorry for those taxpayers...

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