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Heroes Unlikely - Pt 6
Posted on Sun Feb 13th 2005 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Tue Aug 22nd 2006 at 8:10pm
They are title villains after all.

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Posted by Advertisement on Mon May 20th 2019 at 11:30am

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Posted by Dark Chaos (Guest) on Sun Aug 20th 2006 at 12:07pm
Well he is a hedgehog with attitude. He dosen't have to do anything he dosen't want to.

Which begs the question, dose he consider Robotnik a friend. I mean they always hang out, fight a little, have fun in their own ways. Get rid of either and the others got nothing to do. :(

Posted by RyanMC on Sun Aug 20th 2006 at 12:25pm
To quote my favorite line from Open Your Heart, the title song to Sonic Adventure: You and I are the same in the way that we have our own styles and we won't change. Yours is filled with evil and mine's not, there is no way I can loose.

Sonic and Eggman can't be friends as long as they have different goals. However, they do respect each other as rivals and enjoy their competition. If one were permanently defeated by the other, there would be an empty hole in the winner's life. But Eggman is still interested in world domination, and Sonic can always find himself a new adventure, so either one would eventually adjust.

Posted by Reign of Chaos on Tue Dec 12th 2006 at 2:58pm
Like in Sonic X. The episode when Sonic turns into Dark Super Sonic shows thta they're more rivals no than Enemies. Eggman said, and I quote: "I'm dissapointed in you, SOnic. I expected more from you."


Okay, the second sentence might be a bit off, but the first was right.

Posted by Kris the Demon on Tue May 27th 2008 at 1:59pm
I suppose he ment more self control.

Posted by quanbu (Guest) on Sun Jul 6th 2008 at 5:35pm
tails wouldn't have to ride rush, he can run and fly as fast as sonic, but I guess rush would be easier cause he might have a tracking system or something

Posted by BattleStarX on Mon Jul 14th 2008 at 10:16pm
Tails has more often then not been seen in machines in the later series, guess bein' a mad, furry, young mechanical wizard makes you lazy.

Posted by UnknownRM (Guest) on Sun Jul 20th 2014 at 4:07pm
HEY!!! Sonic would always save the day whether or not eggmans involved or not. So meaning if an orphanage is on fire,and Eggman is not involved in any way, he would speed on over there to save all of the orphans.

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