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Final Showdown (or not) - Pt 22
Posted on Sun Nov 14th 2004 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Mon Aug 14th 2006 at 8:47pm
Eggman has used the emeralds umpteen different times. I figure that by now, he knows how to get the most bang for his buck out of them.

Edit: I gave this comic a bit of a rewrite in regards to the Master Emerald's control over the Chaos Emeralds. In Sonic Adventure 2 Knuckles told Rouge that the ME neutralized the CEs powers. However, there have been other instances where the Chaos emeralds have been shown to actually enhance their powers.

Author Comments:
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User Comments:
Posted by midiman on Wed Aug 16th 2006 at 3:39pm
I still don't know where all that metal comes from.

Posted by Dark Chaos (Guest) on Wed Aug 16th 2006 at 4:10pm
Its the same mass of metal, just spread out, meaning weaker armour.

OR, they are using metal under the ground like electronics and pipeworks. That area is filled with casino's, theres plenty of metal around to convert.

Plus... that Metal Sonic is a realy pain to fight in Chaotix even with the combi-rings used effctivly :)

Posted by RyanMC on Wed Aug 16th 2006 at 6:24pm
The Metal Devil is actually a series of nanomachine cores each controlling a small quantity of metal devillium like a series of miniature yellow devils working together like the individual cells of a greater animal. The raw power of the Chaos Emeralds is the only food that the devillium needs to grow, and Metal Sonic's nanomachines are able to use the devillium as raw materials in order for them to multiply. Is any of this stuff believable?

Posted by Dark Chaos (Guest) on Wed Aug 16th 2006 at 8:02pm
Sort of... my second one made an easier excuse ',' you got me pondering if the Devil's organic components can grow.

Posted by RyanMC on Wed Aug 16th 2006 at 9:31pm
Just the same way that normal componests grow, by dividing cells.

Posted by Dark Chaos (Guest) on Thu Aug 17th 2006 at 1:19pm
Asuming it is organic and not some mutant chewing-gum Wily made by accident. :)

Posted by RyanMC on Tue Aug 29th 2006 at 8:10pm
The Yellow Devil is closer to chewing gum than actual biological cells. It is synthetic, but able to grow through simple division, assuming it's given adequate fuel. But devillium has no instinctual need to survive or self replicate so it needs constant instructions from the Yellow Devil Core.

Posted by Angel85 on Tue Nov 14th 2006 at 9:43pm
you know, assuming they have a matter-energy converter, like a star-trek replicator, with the infinite amount of energy provided by the emeralds metal and yellow could make all the mass they need and grow as big as they want

Posted by TigerBlitz on Fri Feb 19th 2010 at 7:48pm
In Sonic 3 & Knucles, when you collect all the CE the ME give more power to it so Sonic transform into HiperSonic

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