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W.M.D.s - Pt 38
Posted on Sun Jan 11th 2009 at 11:00pm

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Sun Jan 11th 2009 at 9:17pm
Enker pretty much knows when he's reached his limit.

Author Comments:
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User Comments:
Posted by Blue (Guest) on Sun Jan 11th 2009 at 11:08pm
Without his Mirror Buster he's pretty screwed. Guess its Punks turn.

Posted by BattleStarX on Sun Jan 11th 2009 at 11:37pm
Didn't just bend it in half, turned it into a pretzel! And Enker without his Mirror Buster is like fighting Kirby with his mouth stitched closed, a cake-walk. Too bad Punk himself isn't much of a threat (unlike, say, Punk.EXE, now that was hard to do without a Wood-Style, UnderShot NCP and WoodStage Battle Chip.)

Posted by Blue_Paladin42 (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 12:12am
Sweet Merciful Crap!

Posted by S.R.G. (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 2:38am
... I never thought I'd see a comic ever have Enker say mercy, but this one makes hell of a lot of sense for him to. I mean, not only did Omega get impaled and easily call it minor damage, he proceeded to just rip the thing out and pretzelize it.

Punk doesn't look like he's too keen on the idea that he's up next. It's so good to have Omega back. Knowing him, he could probably go toe to toe with even the Guardians.

Posted by Blue_Paladin42 (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 3:13am
Slooooow down. Remember, the gaurdians are BEYOND beyond the megaman killers. While they werent able to take on even a somewhat weakened (debatable) Zero, they still would have robots as old as the megaman killers completely outclassed. Omega might be able to go head to head with one of them, but in the end I think even he would succumb (sp?) and if they all ganged up on him...

Posted by godmoderncommander on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 6:43am

*beats the living hell out of Enker and goes straight for Punk*

Posted by Xeroi (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 7:57am
Well I believe we all know who the victor is in both these bouts.


Seriously though, Punk is screwed.

Posted by Terminal Devastation on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 8:10am
Give the guardians some credit. Lets face it... Zero's strength isn't raw power. Its skill. Just like X and megaman. Provided Omega has a weapon that can at least damage the guardians there is a chance of him going toe to toe with Fefnir. (Omega's combat style is not match for leviathan and Harpuia's styles.)

Posted by CursedBluto on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 9:12am
I dunno. Maybe the Guardians(In RyanMC's crossover-ed universe) were built with all the most powerful robots in history in mind. Megaman, Bass, the Killers, Quint, the Stardroids(whom we have yet to see in this comic), And even robots like Omega.

And that weird blue sphere is still there. Any ideas what it is?

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 9:55am
O_O Omega is REALLY scaring me now. And I REALLY think Enker is VERY much not used to battling foes stronger than him...

Though I was expecting more along the lines of Omega breaking the spear in half and jamming the two halves straight in Enker's head, MK fatality style. But that's just me.

Punk's expression in terms of how disappointed he is in Enker was the icing on the cake! XD

Posted by Angel85 on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 10:12am
I'm actually more surprised Omega managed to bend the spear into such a small ring with those giant hands of his...seriously he should be able to just reach over and crush Enker's head with one of those things.

Posted by BattleStarX on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 11:37am
@ Ud the Imp (Guest)
That blue sphere is either the camera that lets us see what these beautiful weapons of mass destruction are doing, or a part of one of Blue's Pokémon that just cast Protect or something to stop Omega from being wiped out by that massive Mirror Buster blast.

*edit* Wait, I figured it out, the lack of Omega's original speech pattern, the distinct lack of Omega's original can of whoop-ass, it's Blue's Pokémon! They've been doin' this all along, the flicky is still in control!

Posted by Rai Tei on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 11:38am
Kirby owns you without using his swallow/copy ability!

Posted by Grey_Wolf_Leader (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 1:36pm
Felix: Ye knew ye are—as it is said—screwed, when thy foe is skewered like a shish-kebob, rips it out, bends it like a pretzel, and calls it "minor damage"!

Posted by Scipio (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 3:07pm
Wasn't he still like this when Blue was Poke-hacking King's Computer, in WMD's 27 he entered by blowing up a wall, RyanMC even calls it Omega's Dramatic Comeback.

Posted by redjirachi on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 10:38pm
Omega-DIE!{Tears Enker apart}
Punk-Oh.My.That{gags from the graphic violence}

Posted by Crash (Guest) on Mon Jan 12th 2009 at 11:59pm
The blue sphere is a flower.

Posted by ZeroTornado on Sat Dec 3rd 2016 at 10:58am
One of my favorites
I miss this series

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