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Robot Master Chaos - Pt 13
Posted on Thu Aug 19th 2004 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Sat Aug 12th 2006 at 7:40pm
Pharaoh Man has more understanding of the mystic than any other Robot Master. Because of this, he is able to draw that much more power from a Chaos Emerald. However, this doesn't matter to Bass, since he already believes himself to be the most powerful robot in existence.

Author Comments:
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User Comments:
Posted by Blitz Ark on Sun Aug 13th 2006 at 12:28am
Where do you find all these 16-bit robot masters?! I can barely find any!

Posted by RyanMC on Sun Aug 13th 2006 at 6:44am look in the classic section under the Power Fighters or the Power Battle.

Posted by Cleft on Sun Aug 13th 2006 at 12:14pm
pharoahman is the win.

Posted by Some guy (Guest) on Mon May 26th 2008 at 11:31pm
I thought Crsytal man was the most mystic

Posted by Guest on Wed Jan 27th 2010 at 12:15pm
you should really have used the super emeralds instead.

Posted by Supersheep64 on Tue Feb 16th 2010 at 1:39pm

Posted by HaunterPwnsU on Sun Nov 21st 2010 at 12:35pm
Supersheep, Ryan, you both spelled Ra wrong. There's no H in his name.

Posted by Guest on Sun Apr 29th 2012 at 6:34pm
Rah rah rah

Posted by random dude (Guest) on Sun May 13th 2012 at 10:37am
this all reminds me of the ol mega man cartoon

megaman:*has just copied pharoah mans power* HA now I have your pow-

pharoah man:*punches megqman simply because HE CAN*

Posted by Guest on Sun Jul 22nd 2012 at 10:25pm
it's spelled ra not rah

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