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Robot Master Chaos - Pt 5
Posted on Wed Aug 11th 2004 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Fri Aug 11th 2006 at 9:05pm
If you could use Chaos Control, wouldn't you make sure you were always carrying a Chaos Emerald so you could use the ability if necessary. Even if you just used it to go get your groceries, it'd be great skill to have. I guess when you can move as fast as Shadow and Sonic, it's not really a necessity.

Author Comments:
Posted by Advertisement on Mon May 20th 2019 at 12:54pm

User Comments:
Posted by Pyro on Sat Aug 12th 2006 at 4:20pm
Nice comic and your right about the whole sonic and shadow not needind emeralds.

Posted by Kiasu (Guest) on Sat Aug 12th 2006 at 5:33pm
Technicly speaking, Shadow can perform Chaos Control without the Emeralds, Chaos Control is a gentic trait, the emeralds mearly amplify the effects of it. Which is why Black Doom wanted them, to increase his CC's range and power.

Posted by Kaidohmaru on Fri Sep 1st 2006 at 5:21pm
Is another SEGA plothole slice among their "plothole gruyère cheese".

Posted by Aceofspades53 on Thu Nov 2nd 2006 at 1:36pm
Same old Rogue.

Posted by Gordon (Guest) on Sat Dec 1st 2007 at 1:50pm
I think that this comic was made before Shadow the hegdehog came out.

Posted by Sunset Hero on Sun Nov 8th 2009 at 9:01pm
Rouge and the Shadow's emerald are gone... 2 totally unrelated things.

Posted by Tatsurou (Guest) on Fri Oct 5th 2012 at 10:00pm
Not to nitpick...
In the end of Shadow's storyline in Sonic Battle, Shadow stated that he no longer needed the emerald to use his abilities. My personal theory is that, given what is shown in Sonic Unleashed, the Chaos Emeralds are a part of the planetary energy field, as is their chaos energy, and Shadow learned to tap it that way.

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