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Breaking Out - Pt 8
Posted on Sun Jul 18th 2004 at 7:00am

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Posted by RyanMC on Thu Aug 10th 2006 at 9:26pm
Truth be told, neither of the Two Evil Scientists use the self distract on their fortresses every time. Sometimes it's a chain reaction from the giant death machine that blows up the place, other times it's someone else setting off a bomb, etc. The point is, their fortresses always blow up. Yet in the next game, they've built a new one and are ready to go through it again.

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Posted by Advertisement on Thu May 23rd 2019 at 7:44am

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Posted by RazorD9 on Fri Aug 11th 2006 at 4:29pm
Must have a home depo card or something. Buy X amount and get a discount on your next large purchise.

Posted by Angel85 on Tue Nov 14th 2006 at 6:58pm
I'd like to see Robotnik's death egg incorporated into this comic, its in more than half of the games since Sonic 2

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