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Back in Black - Pt 4
Posted on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:00pm
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Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 9:09pm
Behold, the mighty Guardian Units of Nations, in all their glory.

Author Comments:
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User Comments:
Posted by Angel85 on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:00pm
Best. Security camera. Footage. Ever.

Posted by BattleStarX on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:03pm
Ah, that proves my first rule.

Rule #1: Never argue with a crazy person, especially if that crazy person happens to be holding more firepower than you.

Posted by Shike on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:04pm
ahaha aha ahahahaha..... i can't breath.....

Posted by Prism (Guest) on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:06pm
Just about all of your comics are gold, but this is the first one in awhile that has made me laugh out loud from reading and continue to laugh as I reread it.

Posted by Afrohawkman on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:23pm
Massive ownage. xD

Posted by Crusty_Kris on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:25pm
my god...

i doubt any of them will mention this ever again.

Posted by Shadow The Unborn on Thu Oct 30th 2008 at 11:32pm
Oh GOD...If it gets on YouTube.... :P

Posted by brian the hedgehog on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 12:29am
everyone seems doing this trend...
*pulls pants down, does chicken dance*

Posted by Deathinator on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 12:54am
I saw a YouTube video where that ghost hedgehog was forcing everyone to do the chicken dance.

Edit: Commander has two different eye colors? Cool!

Posted by Raganui on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 1:42am
Fufufufufu. Just some of the perks of being one of the most powerful weapons of destruction ever built.

Posted by Mr. 'Chidna on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 4:52am
Please upload a video of this onto youtube.

I will love you forever.

Posted by Chaos 0 (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 5:56am
That's the best use for those stupid G.U.N. agents ever. . .

Posted by Vivvav (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 6:56am
Dear God...
@Deathinator: Yeah, he does. You've only JUST noticed?
Also, this should go on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Posted by TECM (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 7:57am
You sir are a humor god

Posted by FlareD on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 11:32am

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 1:22pm
So. Freakin'. HILARIOUS!!! XD

Posted by eDiT mAsTeR (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 2:19pm
So there IS a national G.U.N. underwear...

Posted by uinxguy (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 2:27pm
what primsim said
so its plantinam

Posted by Namm_killazilla on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 3:31pm
So they're all boxer people.


Posted by Blue (Guest) on Fri Oct 31st 2008 at 8:56pm

Posted by HiAndromon (Guest) on Wed Dec 17th 2008 at 4:01am
oh Bass, Your always going to be one of my favorites.

Posted by Mr.Z (Guest) on Sun Feb 8th 2009 at 11:50pm
I'll beat even he laughed at that,then someone walks in.

Posted by Darchrix (Guest) on Fri Feb 27th 2009 at 5:21pm
Nobody noticed the Super Mario Brother reference?? It was the same thing in the movie

Posted by ZeroTornado on Fri Apr 17th 2009 at 9:30am
I Hated (with passion) The super mario movie.

Posted by Red Jirachi (Guest) on Thu Nov 5th 2009 at 3:32pm

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