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The Big 1500
Posted on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:00pm

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 8:44am
Before anyone says anything, no I won't be renaming this comic to "Four Evil Scientists". Anyhoo, I tried to keep it a secret as long as possible, but I kind of figured that people would figure it out in yesterdays comic. Still, it would have probably been easier to keep the secret if I hadn't mentioned it back on April first of '07. However speaking of that comic, I feel I should mention that seeing as how a year and a half has passed since I made that comic, my idea for the story has changed pretty much completely. The most obvious being that Eggman Nega and Dr. Weil are enemies rather than allies. That being said, I feel I should mention that pretty much any allusions that were made in that comic are also fals. But hey, that's why I put it in "Out of Continuity"

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User Comments:
Posted by monekop on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:03pm
comic #1500!!

Posted by Angel85 on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:04pm
my brain exploded....ok its back...great, now we have even more time travel -_-

Also, I'm kinda wondering which version of Eggman Nega you're using, the Sonic Rush version where he's from an alternate universe (Blaze's world) or the one from Sonic Rivals where he's like Eggman's descendant or something...or maybe Blaze's world IS the future, just a good future since Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were able to destroy Solaris and got rid of that nasty post-apocalyptic bad end of a reality...

Posted by Malroth (Guest) on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:06pm
Words fail to describe how awesome this comic is.

Posted by ASG. on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:12pm

And also, Ryan left the 'r' off the second 'your' in the third panel.

Posted by CursedBluto on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:42pm
And here I was thinking the commentary of the April Fools' comic was the joke.

Where have I seen that text before..?

Posted by Prism (Guest) on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:55pm
Wow! Someone called this in yesterday's comic, but I didn't think they were right!

This looks promising. I guess this means that Zero and Silver are going to show up...of course, seeing how Sonic changed the future by destroying Zero before he ever became good, I wonder how that's going to work out.

Posted by hvac_tech on Sat Sep 27th 2008 at 11:56pm

Posted by ASG. on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 12:07am
@ Prisim:
That'd be me. And it was true! Mother of god, I'm good!

It just came to me.

Anyways, I think it was me and one other guy who suggested it possible. I just made the link between them.

Posted by Loki Fenrisulf IV on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 4:13am
I'm the other guy, ASG.
And I sugested it about four days before you, in "The Price of Freedom - Pt 2"... but mine was a supposition while and you had some hints you found out to support your idea.

Ryan, before reading your comment I thought those two had some more "plans" before this comic (after all, as you said, it has been about one year and a half) and so their relationship was in the same terms as Wily and Robotnik.

Posted by Yuki Akuma (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 4:40am
Is Eggman Nega from the future or an alternate dimension?

Posted by FlareD on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 5:13am

Posted by eDiT mAsTeR (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 7:27am
To Yuki Akuma
Eggman Nega is from the future, if I recall correctly.

And happy 1500th, Ryan!! Here's to 2000!!!

Posted by AkumaTh on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 9:04am
Wow! I honestly didn't expect them to show up here...

Posted by Djoing on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 9:59am
Nega was from the alternate dimension, but who's the other guy?...

probably the dr. Wily from megaman X or somethng, but I've never played a megaman game.

Posted by Deathinator on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:03am
The other guy is known as Doctor Wiel, he's from Megaman Zero

Posted by BattleStarX on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:10am
Great, Wiel and Nega... Well, this Wiel is obviously before Zero 4, and Nega... meh,

Well, let's go get Zero and Silver now... this brings back memories of Ryan's joke about starting a new TES with Silver and Zero.

Anyhoo, what're we gonna call a Silver/Zero merge?

Posted by Vulpis (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:17am
Heh. So it's Eggman vs...Eggman Recolor?

Meanwhile, the guy's obviously not read Schlock Mercenary--The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy, no more and no less. ;-)

Posted by Dark-Chaos on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:51am
I have a feeling neither Robotnik or Wily are going to highly agree to this... at first

Posted by CursedBluto on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:57am
Hmm.. will we be seeing Omega(Not the one from Mega Girl, but the one from MMZ3)? He was always my favorite.

*slides $20 over the hypothetical table of not-paying-itude*

Posted by 9taileddemon (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 11:31am
You are the most brilliant comic writer ever. I bow to you and look forward to the parts of pure awesome that will be coming.

Posted by Hanzinator on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 12:13pm
Oh, gawd not again...

Posted by Crusty_Kris on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 12:26pm
this is probably the coolest comic EVER to touch the internet!!

and this will be a very interesting twist of fate.

Posted by ASG. on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 1:03pm
Eh heh, sorry about that Loki.

So, what do you think is first on Dr. Weil's agenda? I would guess he wants wily dead as soon as possible to keep him from building Zero.

Posted by Blue (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 1:36pm
Huh, I should have seen this coming. Interesting twist in fate.

Posted by SandBlaster3000 (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 3:26pm
Call the Silver-Zero merge "T0" (pronounced "Tee Zeee Roh"), the highest attainable level of telepathic power. ( it has Zero's name and Silver's Pyschokinetic power)

Posted by Namm_killazilla on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 8:08pm


Wait - what happens if the same thing happens with Megaman and Sonic? They get on each other's nerves, Silver and Zero get on each other's nerves, they travel back in time to find Megaman/Sonic, the pairs team up with each other, and they compete to defeat the Four Evil Scientists through past/future merging.

That would make...uh...

Megaman + Silver = Neo Mega Hedgehog

Sonic + Zero = Zero Hedgehog


Posted by WANDERINGJD on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 9:50pm
wow your comics just keep getting better and better, can't wait to see more

Posted by Sonow on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:46pm
Oooowwww.... my head.

Why did you have to do that?!?!

Time travle, alt demensions? evil scientest rivalry... GAAAAHHH...

Ow... my head...

Posted by Sven (Guest) on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:51pm
Wily and neggman vs weil and eggman... well, neggman is basically the same as eggman, so we can expect roughly the same stuff from that pair as weve been getting from the TES. weil, though... that guy has crazy future technology that blows anything in the modern era away. this could be interesting.

Posted by ASG. on Sun Sep 28th 2008 at 10:57pm
Wrong. Nega is more sadistic than his counter part.

Posted by Emilio (Guest) on Tue Sep 30th 2008 at 11:10am

Posted by Snurple-the-Hedgehog on Fri Oct 3rd 2008 at 10:48am
Well dang looks like the adventure would have to extend itself to create more stories between the war against 2 pairs of scientist. =/

I think i killed my brain from saying that. >_<

Posted by Twilight Queen on Sun Oct 5th 2008 at 3:17am
Oh snap...
there's four of them now...but fo how long? Judging from how you're not renaming the comic, I'm huessing the new two aren't going to be sticking around for very long. But maybe that's just me.

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Fri Jan 23rd 2009 at 10:55am

Posted by Guest on Mon Aug 17th 2009 at 1:14pm
Dr. Weil?
How many times do I have to kill you until you stay dead, huh?

Posted by ErmilX (Guest) on Mon Dec 28th 2009 at 7:06pm
Please let there not be Sonic Rush's Extra boss as a machine

Posted by Italian Robot Hedgehog (Guest) on Thu Mar 18th 2010 at 11:55pm
Judging by the banner...
Blaze and Zero are both going to come here

Posted by Speedy the Hedgehog (Guest) on Mon Aug 9th 2010 at 8:40am

Posted by Silaya (Guest) on Fri Jan 31st 2014 at 8:00am
Who the fuck is that?!

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