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Good and Evil - Pt 13
Posted on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 7:00am

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 7:26am
He may be arrogant, but he has a reason to be.

Author Comments:
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User Comments:
Posted by Zappa (Guest) on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 7:36am
Accualy Dm I would suggest that You do it with a BFG (Big F***ing gun), or an EMP gernade.

Posted by midiman on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 7:44am
I don't think that the Bio Force Gun (aka BFG) would deal enough damage to destroy the bassnium power core, not even damage the hull (bass' body) I think one of the better ways is to disintergrate him with a beam from a space sattelite (for example ARK) or with a Ion Cannon

Posted by Gunny889 on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 9:09am
I doubt bass would stay still for the ion cannon or the ark's gun, you'd probably need to detonate a thermonuclear device up close to bass without him knowing

Posted by BioShadow on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 12:13pm
yeah killing!

Posted by Angel85 on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 12:27pm
is he covered in blood? Man, those GUN platoons are so inept, and its not just Bass, any of the main cast can probably take a platoon that size out, in fact, thats how you advance in the Sonic games! What made Rouge think this platoon and their tinkertoys would do any better?

Posted by radde on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 1:43pm
out of nowhere the NOD team from C&C apear.

*Launches NOD cluster missile*

Posted by Blue_Paladin42 (Guest) on Mon Jun 25th 2007 at 10:03pm
He might be able to dodge a cluster missle actually. You would be better off with a NOD nuke, or the GDI Ion Cannon >:D

Posted by Zero_Hero789 on Tue Jun 26th 2007 at 12:18am
Seeing someone single-handedly destroy an entire army would jog my memory a bit too. As in that I had an appointment at that time in a place very far away.

Posted by vinom the yiffking (Guest) on Tue Jun 26th 2007 at 1:04am
the way to kill bass isn't weaponry, it's skill, bass could easyly be killed by one well trained ninja.

Posted by Shadron on Tue Jun 26th 2007 at 1:37am
you know it's not really arrogant to say you can take out an entire platoon plus there support if you really can, just thought I'd point that out, and come on...... the military stop him? he was built to help wily take over the bloody planet, you think he'd cheap out on armor or weapons?, also bass is supposed to be a tactical mastermind as well as powerhouse, he just can't think out of the box or use unorthodox stratagems (he hasn't been online long enuf to adapt his programing as much as megamans has been)

Posted by MegaBadassProtoEchidnaHog on Wed Dec 23rd 2009 at 9:26pm
you could use the eclipse cannon

Posted by mic (Guest) on Sun Jan 10th 2010 at 5:17am
what's on bass in the 4th panel? Human blood, mechnical fluid? paint?

Posted by ErmilX (Guest) on Sat Feb 20th 2010 at 3:17pm
Get both Omega's. Bass would be so screwed then.

Posted by virtualboy2558 (Guest) on Wed Apr 20th 2011 at 6:26pm
Bass is not covered in blood. It's just mech fluid!

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