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Just What the Doctor Ordered - Pt 14
Posted on Thu Jan 13th 2011 at 11:00pm

Author Comments:
Posted by RyanMC on Thu Jan 13th 2011 at 9:49pm
Why bother just manipulationg people when the long term benefits of reprograming them have much more use.

Author Comments:
Posted by Advertisement on Thu Nov 14th 2019 at 12:13am

User Comments:
Posted by Arch451 on Thu Jan 13th 2011 at 11:29pm
Typical. Evil scientist sees a robot and their first thought is "Reprogam it to do my bidding!"

Posted by redjirachireturns on Thu Jan 13th 2011 at 11:42pm
@Arch541:At least its practical.Weil just kept the Guardian's personality because he's a sadistic sociopath who likes to boss people around against their will.And I have a feeling that'll be his undoing

Posted by HiAndrom0n on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 12:07am
So Blaze and Zero are being put on the backburner for a while?
I think its just about time to return to the Bass story "Tear Us Apart".

Posted by Angel85 on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 12:08am many people have tried to reprogram Zero in the past? And didn't he go through like 130 years of special programs to prevent his system from being overridden? I don't think its POSSIBLE to re-program Zero if he doesn't want to.

Posted by jsonic872 on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 12:09am
Nega does realize that Zero has like 4 weapons left at his disposal? One is built into his arm. He ain't gonna say there for long.

@Angel85: Actually I think it was to get rid of a virus.

Posted by Kuragari on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 12:43am
Well, technically, thats a copy of Zero's original body with his "soul" placed inside it. I don't know if that means he's unprogramable or not.

Personally, I would have thought Wily would have designed Zero so that he COULDN'T be reprogrammed.

Posted by BattleStarX on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 12:51am
Actually, knowing Wily, he made Zero so if someone FORCIBLY reprogrammed Zero he'd go totally berserk and leave everything in a two-mile radius a smoking husk of it's former self.

Posted by ZeroTornado on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 6:47am
A pirates life for he!

Posted by Namm_killazilla on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 9:23am
Nega: Yes, but I can think of other uses for you that you might not be so willing to help me with.

By that, Nega means:

Nega: Yes, but I'll also make you wash the dishes, walk my robodog, take out the recyclables, cook and serve my food, clean the toilet, and give me a sponge bath.

Posted by AuraX (Guest) on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 10:12am
I don't know why, but when I read the last panel, a voice in my head kept saying "Rape".

Posted by eDiT mAsTeR (Guest) on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 3:52pm
I like how much character you give Nega, especially in the last panel, where he points Zero's saber at him in a threatening manner. Good work.

Posted by Nobody in particular (Guest) on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 4:28pm
If apart of the reprogramming involves putting a bomb in his head, I hope he learned from his predecessors' mistakes and make a bomb that explodes if tampered with. That way nobody can remove the bomb because if they do, they are dead.

Posted by Hero of Comedy on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 5:23pm
Hey look, Nega's a Jedi.

Posted by Ruan on Fri Jan 14th 2011 at 7:17pm
nones calls zero a jedi

Posted by Ud the Imp (Guest) on Sat Jan 15th 2011 at 1:19am
Nega's gonna have a MUCH easier time than Weil! For Zero, Nega's practically going straight for the killshot! Plus, one again, brutal honesty on Nega's part.

Posted by AuraX (Guest) on Sat Jan 15th 2011 at 7:04am
@Hero of comedy
Join the egg side.

We have egg cookies and egg milk!

Posted by Fraud (Guest) on Mon Jan 17th 2011 at 2:16pm
late again

Posted by Hero of Comedy on Tue Jan 18th 2011 at 5:31pm
What, no Eggnog?
Forget about it.

Posted by virtualboy2558 on Wed Jan 19th 2011 at 2:53pm
It's been 6 days since you printed anything! What gives?

Posted by ZeroTornado on Wed Jan 19th 2011 at 8:36pm
Thats it!
Where is he?

Posted by Angry Man (Guest) on Wed Jan 19th 2011 at 11:26pm
Allow us to all get angry! Perhaps a new page will appear if we do!

Posted by Malroth (Guest) on Thu Jan 20th 2011 at 3:31am
<Grabs Angry Man>
Okay I got Angry, now what?

Posted by Fraud (Guest) on Thu Jan 20th 2011 at 2:09pm
You know, I'm getting a little tired of checking every day and having to *hope* for the comic to be updated.

Posted by Hero of Comedy on Thu Jan 20th 2011 at 5:17pm
Hold him still while a turn him into an Octorok.

Posted by Acrosurge on Thu Jan 20th 2011 at 8:47pm
Zero really can't be reprogrammed. The fact that his decision making stems from having a soul and a will makes forcible reprogramming impossible. In the centuries of his existence, no one could ever fully analyze Zero's DNA. No one except Zero's creator, Dr. Albert Wily. Why should Nega succeed where Cain, Gate, Sigma, Ciel, Weil and countless other human and reploid scientists failed?

Posted by Thrack on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 8:47am
DNA? Why would a robot have DNA?

How about this: instead of actually reprogramming Zero he'll do something similar to what the Two Evil Scientists did to Mega Hedgehog with Miranda?

Posted by mybrainhurts on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 10:03am
To the people getting angry about there being no updates:

(NOTE: This post is being written under the assumption that you all are serious :P)

Shit happens guys. Remember that there's a PERSON making these comics. And sometimes something happens to that person that makes them unable to do comics. The comics are a privilege, not a right, so quit whining.

Posted by AuraX (Guest) on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 10:32am
@Malroth and HoC

I can chuck him into a supernova if you want.

Posted by Wote (Guest) on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 12:42pm
@Acrosurge: You *do* remember who Nega's working with, right? :P

Posted by nobody in particular (Guest) on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 12:46pm
@Wote: He is working with Albert Wily. So nega just needs him to do the work.

Posted by Hero of Comedy on Fri Jan 21st 2011 at 5:24pm
Well, just don't tell him one of your jokes,
that'd probably kill him.

Posted by Envoy (Guest) on Sat Jan 22nd 2011 at 7:58am
Technically, doesn't Zero's memory wipe from the before the Zero Series count as reprograming?

Posted by AuraX (Guest) on Sat Jan 22nd 2011 at 8:29am
@Hero of Comedy
Your jokes aren't exactly the pinaccle of humor either, TR33FR0G.

He's been gone for just over week from this one particular site. That dosen't mean he's dead.

Posted by ZeroTornado on Sat Jan 22nd 2011 at 2:40pm
Hey i started this anger riot and im gonna make sure it keeps going til Ryanmc comes back! *picks up angry* Lets do this!

Posted by virtualboy2558 on Sat Jan 22nd 2011 at 9:03pm
Ok. It's been almost 10 days now. Something's seriously wrong here. What happened? I hope the author hadn't died.

Posted by Fraud (Guest) on Sun Jan 23rd 2011 at 8:14am
I'm tired of people getting so defensive. Yeah, something might prevent him from updating the comic, but when you have a fanbase, the least you can do is let them know, rather than lose the fans.

Posted by comicreader (Guest) on Mon Jan 24th 2011 at 6:36am
to: mcryan
At least if you are dead write us to tell us when your funeral is

Posted by ZeroTornado on Mon Jan 24th 2011 at 6:59am
He's not dead so stop killing him
He probably prepin' for his 2000th comic

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